The mission of HSA is to provide an opportunity for all the children of Hamden to learn and play soccer!

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The Jamie Lynn Sullivan Camp Scholarship was founded in 2002. 
Jamie started playing soccer at the age of five.  She was an active and dedicated member of the girls U-10 Devo Team.  Jamie had a passion and true love for the game.  Her idol was Mia Hamm of the U.S. Women’s National Team. 
Jamie’s love for the game, abounding energy and true sportsmanship made her a team leader who was respected by all - coaches and teammates alike.
This scholarship will be awarded annually to a girl who is presently playing in the Hamden U10 Division.  She must exhibit good sportsmanship,
perform as a team player and have a love for the game of soccer.
Each child applying must submit a written essay of 100 words or less about “What Soccer Means to Me” on the attached form.  The recipient will receive a
scholarship of up to $300 for the soccer camp of their choice.
All entries must be received by May 28th.  The scholarship will be awarded at the soccer banquet on June 5th

Applications must be emailed to