The mission of HSA is to provide an opportunity for all the children of Hamden to learn and play soccer!

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We are pleased to announce the following coaches for the Hamden fall competitive program. We thank all of those who applied for the positions. Some of the choices were difficult to make but overall we think we have selected a group of qualified coaches who will work hard to uphold the mission of Hamden soccer.

2010/2011 H.S.A. Comp Coaches


U10 Devo Girls       George Evans

U11 Comp Girls       Giuseppe Mignosa/Chris Ruggiero  (Co-Coaches)

U12 Comp Girls       John Hinkson/Kristin Sullivan  (Co-Coaches)

U10 Devo Boys       John Lavorgna

U11 Comp Boys       Kristin Tsou 

U12 Comp Boys       Franco Cartiera