The mission of HSA is to provide an opportunity for all the children of Hamden to learn and play soccer!

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Soccer is a game of skillful control. The more control you have over the ball, the more likely you are to win the game. However, there is the issue of how to gain said control.

First, start playing more hackey-sack. And don’t use the small beanbag, but an actual soccer ball. It may seem like a waste of time and just a way to show off, but it gives a player more confidence with his ball-handling skills. I use the word ‘handling’ as a configurative!

Second, remember that the obstacle course is your friend. By learning to manipulate the ball around obstacles, a player can gain tighter control of the ball. By using small posts, even large stones will be sufficient; an obstacle course can be created. The player then has to manipulate the ball around the obstacles without contact in order to successfully complete the course. Tight ball control is probably the single most important factor that makes a soccer player great.

To progress from solid stones or post you can try the same techniques against real players. Obviously more difficult as they can stop you in your tracks! Try this against two players as an obstacle, your mission to get from A to B with these players trying to stop you. To increase your skills, simply increase the amount of players to get past.

Another common skill required is ball trapping. Get someone to throw the ball at you from different heights and practice getting the ball under control quickly. I say quickly because you will not have too much time in an actual soccer match before opposition players are at you.

By combining the methods above, players can learn tighter ball control. You should begin to realize just how important this particular skill is if you are to progress. Now get out there and practice!

Two player shooting drill
Purpose & introduction: One of the most important skills in soccer is shooting. You have to shoot to score goals, and you need to score goals to win games. Therefore, it's important to strike the ball accurately to help improve your chances of scoring a goal.
To be a good attacking player, you will need both power and accuracy. The best way to learn kicking with power and accuracy is to start with a still ball, then progress to a rolling ball. This soccer drill will help to develop the basic mechanics and techniques of shooting.
Organization: Set up a 10 x 20 yard area, with one player at each end. Each pair needs just one ball. Place two discs/markers in the center of the area, approximately three yards apart, so that the players can see their partner between the discs.
Game Objective: Player #1 takes three steps back from the ball and shoots the ball across the area to Player #2. The goal is to strike the ball between the discs without the ball touching either disc. Player #2 repeats the practice from the other side.
Progress to two touches.
Make the goal narrower.
Progress to striking the ball on the first touch after your partner rolls it to you.
Playing Tips:
Take a slightly angled approach to the ball.
Place the non-kicking foot alongside the ball and 8-10 inches to the side of the ball.
Look at the ball.
Keep your knee over the ball.