The mission of HSA is to provide an opportunity for all the children of Hamden to learn and play soccer!

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Secretary’s Minutes


9/11/18 Board Meeting


  1. Meeting called to order at 7:20pm

  2. Meeting agenda was approved

  3. New Business:  Tricia was voted in as Secretary

  4. Approval of Minutes Reports


  1. Coaching Director Report

  • In-house:  Everything is ready and schedule is up

  • Travel: No issues except that parents are hovering and the referees are telling parents not to


  1. Referee Report

  • Some referees are not returning for Fall season.  A couple send to contact in the Spring.

  • Working with the refs we have to schedule season

  • Season is almost all scheduled

  • Send an email to refs regarding the offside rule handball.


  1. Field Report

  • Check to see if there are sandbags on the goals at Pine Rock, West Woods and Shepard Glen.

  • We are not using Legion field or Carasone.  

  • Hamden wants to fence off Carasone (U8 field)

  • In the Spring U8 and Brooksvale.  Might move U10

  • U14 field should be seeded.  Brian to talk to Chris

  • There is an issue with U14 at Hamden High field regarding cancellations because of school games


  1. SCD District Report

  • Coaches need to register with CSJA

  • Automatic background checks except for new coaches

  • Keeping old website until the new system is up and working.


  1. Registrars Report


  • U8 registration is still open

  • Everyone got placed on a team


  1. Old Business

  • Charity affiliations, precedent-received three requests from organizations for donations.  

  • We cannot give donations but can promote-Briand to send letter to coaches.

  • In October for Breast Cancer awareness paint the lines and fields pink

  • Buy a large quantity of pink socks to sell at profit

  • Have coaches as their players (parents) for donations.

  • Have a feature games for Breast Cancer Awareness month

  • HSA sponsor an Alumni game at Hamden High. Pay player fee to USA soccer.  We need to check on the player fees.

  • Date for Alumni game thinking about Thanksgiving weekend.  HSA pay for the referees. Contact Board of Ed for insurance.

  • JD is are Medical Advisor.  Will give in access to the website to put a memo block on page.  We need to put a disclaimer.

  • Need to clean storage. Should we donate old uniforms to Ginga.


  1. Financial Aid

  • Financial aid requests are being received

  • We need to decide what we are offering

  • Free or discounted registrations

  • Need to do this on a case by case basis

  • Dave mentioned it would not be free but 50%

  • We have received 3-4

  • The families need to be on some sort of State assistance for reduced registrations.

  • We should give more of a discount for families on the free school lunch program.

  • Need to have a certain dollar amount for financial assistance and have rules to provide structure

Meeting adjourned at 8:27pm