The mission of HSA is to provide an opportunity for all the children of Hamden to learn and play soccer!

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Fall 2010 Devo and Comp teams


Hamden Soccer Club members, we have finally finished the process of selecting the devo and comp teams for the fall and spring seasons. This year we had a large turnout especially at the Devo level (U10). We would like to thank everyone who showed up and gave it their best. It’s not easy going through the process. Thank you for your patience and enthusiasm.

Listed below are some notes on the selection process.


Our Goal

Our goal in the selection process was to get as many qualified kids on age appropriate teams as possible. We were looking to field teams in the U10 thru U14 level.


U14 Boys and Girls

The quality of the players who tried out at this level was very good. Unfortunately the quantity of players was not nearly high enough to be able to field a team. We realize that for this age group, due to fall soccer season at the middle school and high school that it is difficult to field a team. We plan to try to field a team in the spring. We encourage those who tried out to look for the tryouts in the winter.


Based on the numbers in the different age groups we decided to field the following teams








8 v 8



8 v 8



11 v 11

Boys Devo (U10)

We plan to have one larger roster and play about 20% more games in the season than normal. For each game 2 or 3 different kids will get the game off. This way every kid will get a full season of playing opportunity.

Also a couple of the U10 eligible boys were selected for the U11 team instead of the U10 team based on their level of play throughout the year and at the evaluations.

Girls Comp U11

We plan to field 2 teams of approximately equal strength. (The green team and the gold team) This will give the more experienced kids an opportunity to help the younger kids, and play in more leadership oriented positions.

We reserve the right to reshuffle kids from one team to the other before and during the season to ensure that each team has a good balance of positional players.



If you have been selected

You should be receiving an email which will explain what to do. If you plan not to accept the position please let us know as soon as possible. This will allow us to offer it to another player in a timely manner.


Those not selected

If you have not been selected at this time, your name has been automatically added to a wait list. If a player chooses not to accept the offer to play on a comp team you may be contacted in the near future with an opportunity to play.

If you are not contacted we encourage you to continue to play soccer. While you may be disappointed that you were not selected it does not mean that you are not a good player. Selecting players is a difficult and imperfect process and the difference between many of the players at the evaluations was minute. Everyone at the evaluations brought different skills to the field. There are only so many positions on a roster and we had to make some tough choices.


Soccer is a great game and comp level soccer is not the only place to have fun and improve.  Hamden has a well regarded rec. program with many good coaches and excellent players who just choose to participate at the rec. level. A number of the players who were selected this year improved their skills playing recreation league soccer this past year. Also a number of key players on both the middle school and high school teams never played comp level soccer.


Double rostered

At this point in time no player has been double rostered on two comp teams and we plan to keep it that way if possible.


Comp/ Devo Coaches

No coaches have been selected for any of these teams at this time. We are actively looking for qualified coaches and plan to make decisions in the near future.



If you have any questions about the process or suggested improvements  feel free to email me at

Please do not email me looking for copies of your evaluations. To allow the coaches and evaluators to provide frank and honest feedback we committed that the evaluations will not be shared with anyone.

Also please do not email looking for why your son or daughter did not make a team. In order to maintain a level of transparency in the selection process, we dealt with bib numbers and not names when reviewing both the coaches and evaluators inputs.



Thanks for your understanding,


Paul Murphy

Coaching Director

Hamden Soccer Association