The mission of HSA is to provide an opportunity for all the children of Hamden to learn and play soccer!

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The following is an outline of the approval process to make any game changes including time and field changes:

1. All home game requests must be sent via email to the following email addresses at least 4 days before your scheduled game:

Ira Malkin, Fields Coordinator:                 
Chris Ruggiero, President:                                
Will DeLuca, Ref Coordinator:                          
Paul Larocque, Coaching Director           

2. All requests must be made in writing by the coach or team manager.

3. Field location along with ref assignments will be coordinated.

4. The referee committee will make a decision and advise the coach if the game change request is approved or denied based on field/ref availability

5. If a scheduled home game is canceled you must notify the above email addresses at your earliest convenience and follow the below requirements:

Game Cancelation Requests:

If Home game is on Saturday, request must be sent by 12 pm on Wednesday

If Home game is on Sunday, request must be sent by 12 pm on Thursday

All requests must be sent in ONE single email to,, and

Failure you alert the proper teams will result in HSA paying the referees along with your team losing 1 home game.

Thank you